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PPP via LAT?

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The Question is:

I am trying to set up a PPP connection using LAT. Basically, I want to be able
 to establish PPP connections to an Alpha system via a LAT service and modem
 which hangs off of a Decserver 90M. When I dial into the 90M, it sends me
 directly to the Aplha box
as expected. I type "PPPD" and then type "connect ltaXXX" where ltaxxx is the
 LAT device I defined. The connection never gets established and I sometimes
 receive an error stating that there is an error calling the network callback.
 I have read that I can
call out from a remote device via LAT, but I have not read anything stating
 that I can receive calls. Is it possible and if so what may I be missing? I am
 running OpenVMS version 7.2-1 with UCX version 5.0A on and AplhaServer 4000

The Answer is :

  LAT does not particularly lend itself for use as a transport for serial
  network communications, it is designed for interactive user access.  Use
  of IP protocols and IP routing throughout would likely be preferable.
  That said, this appears a useful extension of the PPPD implementation,
  and thus worthy of contact with the Compaq Customer Support Center to
  request the enhancement.

answer written or last revised on ( 12-JUN-2001 )

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