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Seeking XML Parser?

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The Question is:

  Do U know of any XML parser product and DTD validation product that can be
 called by COBOL/BASIS/C program running under Vax environment?
  We need to develop an application that send/receive data in XML format via
 the Mailbox.
  Much appreciated.
Project Manager
EDS Australia
Telecommunication Solution Group

The Answer is :

  Various XML tools are part of the OpenVMS Alpha and later releases,
  and most work in this area specifically targets OpenVMS Alpha.
  There is/was a portable XML parser (C/C++) available at:
  Java and C++ XML parsers exist on the OpenVMS eBusiness CD-ROM
  that shipped with OpenVMS V7.3.  (These target OpenVMS Alpha.
  For details on Java and OpenVMS VAX, please see the FAQ.)

answer written or last revised on ( 12-JUN-2001 )

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