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Seeking Third-party memory deallocation? (Oracle)

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The Question is:

In our environment we reserve memory to specific Oracle instances to fit System
 Global Area (SGA).  Occasionally, when we shutdown (normal not forced) an
 Oracle instance the memory reserved for that instance doesn't get released by
 VMS, resulting in Oracl
e not starting at all next time, because it couldn't get contiguous memory.
 The only work around seems to be rebooting the machine.  Is there a way to
 force VMS to release the memory when a particular application is shutdown if
 it doesn't automatically r
elease the memory?

The Answer is :

  Please check with Oracle support, as it appears there is a problem
  with the Oracle shutdown processing -- the OpenVMS Wizard would
  expect the memory to be released.  Unfortunately for your current
  situation, OpenVMS believes that the memory is still in use and
  will (quite correctly) balk at any attempts to rip it out from
  underneath the application.

answer written or last revised on ( 22-MAY-2001 )

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