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The Question is:

we had a problem about taking standalone backups from our data disks.
Alpha 1200/533
OpenVMS 7.1-1h2
Disc devices: 9,1GB  DS-RZ1DF-VW
DLT Table Top 35/70GB
We were taking standalone backup from 5 member Raid5 set, when all off a sudden
 backup failed
with the message:
F-WAIT idle buffer
"idle bcb attempted wait
on idle buffer"
We haven't had that kind of message before.
Tape was brand new!
Thanks in advance.

The Answer is :

  Please move to V7.1-2 or V7.2-1 or V7.3, and associated ECO kits.
  Please move off of V7.1-1H1, that was a hardware release for early
  support of specific hardware configurations, and a release that has
  long-since been superceded.
  In the case of the BACKUP operations, you can boot and operate your
  BACKUP operation from the bootable CD-ROM media for any of these
  more recent OpenVMS releases -- as a test.
  The OpenVMS Wizard would recommend an upgrade from V7.1-1H1 to V7.1-2,
  V7.2-1, or V7.3.  V7.1-2 in particular was a roll-up of ECO kits for
  V7.1, V7.1-1H1, and V7.1-1H2, and its use is recommended over any of
  the other (superceded) releases.

answer written or last revised on ( 29-MAY-2001 )

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