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Seeking DDS-4 (DAT) for OpenVMS?

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The Question is:

I would like to add more storage capacity to my AS800 5/333.  Is it possible to
 upgrade to a DDS-4 DAT drive?

The Answer is :

  The Compaq 20/40 gigabyte DAT (DDS) DDS-4 cartridge tape drive is available
  and is supported for use with OpenVMS (the SD20X series tape).  (QuickSpecs
  are available at the storage area of the www.compaq.com website.)
  Given the version specificed -- OpenVMS Alpha V6.0 -- does not exist,
  it is impossible to say if the SD20X or other SCSI device will operate
  with this configuration.
  The OpenVMS Wizard strongly recommends OpenVMS V7.1-2 and later for its
  SCSI capabilities, and recommends OpenVMS V6.2 and later for its SCSI
  capabilities.  Use of versions prior to OpenVMS V6.2 cannot be
  recommended, due to the (older and rather more limited) SCSI
  capabilities that were included in those (older) OpenVMS releases.
  Please see the OpenVMS FAQ for third-party SCSI hardware information.
  For large-scale storage, DLT can be (far) more reliable than DDS, as DDS
  media is limited to roughly 2000 head passes -- this number of head passes
  can occur surprisingly quickly with the first few blocks of the tape media.

answer written or last revised on ( 12-JUN-2001 )

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