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PATHWORKS and Windows 2000?

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The Question is:

We are currently running OVMS Ver. 7.2-1 and Pathworks 6.0C with TCPIP 5.0A eco
 1.  We are going to start putting Windows 2000 on our COMPAQ servers and PC's.
  Is our current configuration going to support PC access of printer and file
 shares?  If not wha
t do we need to have as far as the above mentioned os and applications?  Are
 there any other concerns or gotcha's to be aware of?

The Answer is :

  You indicate OpenVMS V7.2-1, which implies OpenVMS Alpha.  Assuming that
  you are using OpenVMS Alpha, then you will want to (need to) upgrade to
  Advanced Server V7.3, which offers compatibility with and support for
  Microsoft Windows 2000 platforms.
  If you are running any OpenVMS VAX systems, then you will need to wait
  until PATHWORKS V6.1 is released later this year for official support of
  Windows 2000.
  That said, PATHWORKS V6.0C-ECO2 does offer an improved level of support
  for Windows 2000 -- please see the PATHWORKS section of the Compaq OpenVMS
  website for Windows 2000 support details for PATHWORKS V6.0C.

answer written or last revised on ( 29-MAY-2001 )

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