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OpenVMS V7.2-1 and Mach64 (PB2GA)?

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The Question is:

When attempting to boot the V7.2-1 CDROM on an AlphaServer 300 with a MACH64
 (ISA) graphics adapter (PB2GA-FB), the system "hangs" in the configuration
 phase, after configuring the network adapter (EWA0), but before switching
 screen modes to present the s
tandalone menu.
When using the serial console, VMS V7.2-1 can be installed, however, the
 DECWindows server hangs (Status=COM).
The 7.2 CD will not boot.
The 7.1 CD boots fine (in fact the system was
running OpenVMS 71. plis all Y2K patches before attempting to install V7.2-1).
What has gone wrong?

The Answer is :

  This would be a bug, but you knew that.
  Boot without starting DECwindows, install the ECOs on the target system
  disk (eg: GRAPHICS, the DECwindows ECO, the UPDATE kit, and any other
  mandatory ECO kits) would be obvious choices), and continue.
  Alternatively, consider OpenVMS V7.3.
  Alternatively, consider a PCI graphics card.

answer written or last revised on ( 29-MAY-2001 )

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