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$GETSYI and Alpha Hardware Model?

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The Question is:

Hello to one and all
I'd like a quick explanation if there is one, please...
The Lexical f$getsyi("hw-vers") returns a long string of numbers...
CINDY >write sys$output f$getsyi("node_hwvers")
I should image the 655 equates to my machine which is an AlphaServer 4100 5/600
What does a 653 equate to??
Many thanks

The Answer is :

  The contents of this field are platform specific, and the lower ten
  bytes are not particularly documented -- this itemcode is intended to
  return hardware version information, and is not particularly intended
  to nor recommended for the acquisition of information that identifies
  the hardware itself.  To determine which platform you have, use of the
  HW_MODEL or HW_NAME itemcodes would be more appropriate.
  For example:
$ x=f$getsyi("NODE_HWVERS")
$ show symbol x
  X = "04EE0000000000000000000D"
$ x=f$getsyi("HW_MODEL")
$ show symbol x
  X = 1262   Hex = 000004EE  Octal = 00000002356
  The above example was from the following system:
$ x=f$getsyi("HW_NAME")
$ show symbol x
  X = "AlphaStation 255/300"
  The 4EE (hexadecimal) model code is derived from the platform and
  the value that is returned by each particular Alpha platform is
  registered within the Alpha Architecture.
  A subset of the model codes that are registered with the Alpha
  Architecture comprise the contents of the $ALPHADEF module, a
  module whose contents are unfortunately not entirely current.
  With Dynamic System Recognition (DSR), the contents of $ALPHADEF
  will inherently be less-than-current because certain newer Alpha
  systems can be recognized by compatible but older OpenVMS releases.
  But unfortunately, the $ALPHADEF module found on OpenVMS releases
  newer than various existing Alpha platforms (including OpenVMS V7.3)
  has not been updated with the Alpha systems released prior to the
  OpenVMS V7.3 release.  The OpenVMS Wizard will request that updates
  to the contents of $ALPHADEF be made.

answer written or last revised on ( 30-MAY-2001 )

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