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Compaq C C9X/C99 support? (vscanf)

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The Question is:

i'm trying to build a tool that searches through a file. To do this I would
 like to use the vscanf function. However I can't seem to locate the function
 in the DEC(Oops) Compaq CRTL.
Is there a reason why these functions are not there? All the v*printf functions
 seem to be
Regards Otto

The Answer is :

  As cited in various C FAQs, the vscanf function itself is arguably
  non-standard and non-portable (prior to C9X/C99), as it is not part
  of the established C standards.  C9X/C99 adds vscanf(), vfscanf(),
  and vsscanf().
  The OpenVMS Wizard is quite certain there is a reason why the vscanf
  call was not implemented, but not particularly what the reason is --
  there are a variety of potential reasons why the call has not yet been
  made available.   (One obvious potential reason would quite clearly
  involve the claimed level of standards compliance within the particular
  That said, the OpenVMS Wizard is aware that the C99 functions vfscanf,
  vscanf, and vsscanf (and the wide-character counterparts vfwscanf,
  vwscanf, and vswscanf) have been added into a version of the Compaq
  C run-time library (beyond OpenVMS V7.3 and Compaq C V6.4) -- these
  calls may be available in an ECO kit, and are likely to be available
  later OpenVMS and compiler (via the backport library) releases.

answer written or last revised on ( 4-JUN-2001 )

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