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OpenVMS Cluster and High Availability?

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The Question is:

Our system consists of 2 similar Alpha servers DS10 512 MB including 2 x 2 hard
 disks DS-RZ1DD, 9.1 GB each. There is a disk cabinet BA356 with 1 disk
 DS-RZ1DD, 9.1 GB. Both server are in cluster configuration using BA556 as
 quorum disk.
One of the internal disk of the first server is mirroring to the disk from the
 second one.
I would like to install Oracle DB on this mirrored disk.
Are there any information for this kind of architecture?
Oracle Sup talled me that I need to configure a High Availability environment
 on OpenVMS platform. What they mean with this?

The Answer is :

  Oracle support is apparently providing information that is either
  incorrect, or that is based on system and cluster configuration
  information and customer requirements that are not available to
  the OpenVMS Wizard.
  The OpenVMS Wizard would assume you could simply install Oracle on
  the cluster -- the volume shadowing operates exactly as a non-shadowed
  disk, and a High Availability Cluster configuration is identical --
  from the application-level perspective of standard Compaq and typical
  third-party layered products -- from a standard OpenVMS Cluster

answer written or last revised on ( 16-JUL-2001 )

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