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SHOW MEMORY negative reservable pagefile?

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The Question is:

We are having a VAX-3400 system with 20mb memory using DSSI type interface for
 disks. In that system, if we give "sh memory" command following is displayed.
             Tot     free     in use    modified
Main mem    40960   10326     29083       1551
             Tot     free     in use     largest
Dynamic mem
Non paged   1212416  179504   1032912     124544
Paged       947712   253312    694400     238576
               free     reservable       total
Swapfile.sys  14400       14400          14400
swapfile1.sys  6592        6592           6592
pagefile.sys  59073       -8450          66000
pagefile1.sys 58041       -8307          65992
In the above output why the pagefile.sys and
pagefiel.sys the reservable memory is coming in
negative values. (It will be better if the term
"reservable" is explained).
Running autogen recommends to increase the pagedyn parameter. Other than this
 no recommendations is significant. Please let us know whether changing the
 pagedyn, npagedyn or increasing the pagfile.sys will solve the problem. The
 system response is very ve
slow. Is there any way to increase it by modifying the sysgen parameters.
If any ohter input is required to solve the problem, please inform us, we will
 send it across.
I shall be grateful to you, if some light is thrown on this problem.
Anticipating your valuable reply at the earliest.
With Regards ...

The Answer is :

  Through acquisition and reading of the OpenVMS FAQ, you will learn
  what a negative reservable count means.

answer written or last revised on ( 4-JUN-2001 )

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