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DECwindows license, disabling DECwindows?

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The Question is:

Have just installed a graphics card into our Alpha DS20E system running VMS
 7.2-1. The graphics card installed is part number sn-pbxgk-bb. The reason we
 wanted this card is simply for connection to a switch box used to administer
 multiple brand X server s
ystems. No graphics capability required for user or application. Problem is
 that I now get a DecWindows type login box on the console and in entering the
 userid / password combination I get "LMF License check has failed". Any ideas??

The Answer is :

  You are missing a license, most likely the DECwindows Motif license.
  You will thus need the NAS or DW-MOTIF or related license PAK; a
  PAK that authorizes DECwindows.
  If you require no graphics display capabilities, you will have to
  explicitly override the DECwindows configuration of the workstation
  graphics during the OpenVMS startup.
  The usual mechanism to completely disable DECwindows in the presence
  of a supported graphics controller is via the following logical name
  This definition is typically placed in the SYLOGICALS.COM portion
  of the system startup command procedures.  (Without this logical
  name defined, DECwindows will assume that it should configure and
  start up in the presence of a supported graphics controller.)

answer written or last revised on ( 6-JUN-2001 )

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