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Meaning of Resource Wait AST (RWAST)?

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The Question is:

How can I stop a processin a RWAST state

The Answer is :

  By resolving the problem that caused the resource wait.
  Most commonly, this involves the use of Availability Manager or
  AMDS, and this centrally involves the resolution of the problem
  that caused the resource wait.  This could be an OpenVMS problem
  -- apply all mandatory ECO kits -- or it could be an application
  problem -- apply application updates or ECOs -- or it could be
  a result of insufficient process quotas and/or system parameter
  Please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center for additional
  assistance.  Expect to be asked for specific additional details of
  the process and process quotas, the command(s) or images, the steps
  necessary to reproduce the misbehaviour (if known), and details of
  the system environment.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-JUN-2001 )

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