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DCL Programming and Dates?

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The Question is:

How do I exclude to my backup command procedure to not incluse sunday and
 mondays night backups.  presently I do a submit.after="tomorrow +01:00:00"

The Answer is :

  Please acquire and read one of the available resources on DCL
  Most easily, have the procedure resubmit itself on a daily basis
  (eg: /AFTER="TOMORROW+01:00") and then check for and exit based
  on the day of the week.
  The following are related examples of basic DCL programming...
$! see if a full backup should be performed, default not...
$ day = F$Edit(f$cvtim(,,"WEEKDAY"),"COLLAPSE,UPCASE")
$ if "''day'" .eqs. "FRIDAY" then DOFULLBACK = "TRUE"
$! see if a full backup should be performed tonight
$ day = F$Edit(f$cvtim(,,"WEEKDAY"),"COLLAPSE,UPCASE")
$ skipdays = "SATURDAY,SUNDAY"
$ if f$locate(",''day',",",''skipdays',") .ne. f$length(",''skipdays,'")
$ then
$   EXIT
$ endif

answer written or last revised on ( 6-JUN-2001 )

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