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Resolving LINKER DATMISCH Error?

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The Question is:

Please, are linkado my programs with cxxlink, but I obtain these messages:
%LINK-I-DATMISCH, creation date 26 Octubre 2000 in shareable image
  differs from date of 29-DEC-1999 in shareable image
that mean? I need, please, a detailed response
Thousand graces(thanks)

The Answer is :

  The message LINK-I-DATMISCH is informational, and indicates that the
  version of the specified shareable image found in the system shareable
  image directory does not match the version of the shareable image that
  was originally loaded into IMAGELIB.OLB, one of the OpenVMS libraries
  typically searched by the LINKER.
  From a privileged username, you can usually completely repair this via
  the following DCL command:
  This command assumes that the shareable image that was found in the
  SYS$SHARE: area is valid and upward-compatiable, and that the image
  has simply replaced an older version without also updating IMAGELIB.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-JUN-2001 )

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