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AlphaServer 800 and DDS4 (SDT-10000)?

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The Question is:

Why is it so difficult to find anything about Alphas or OpenVMS or anything
 that used to be Digital on the Compaq website?
I want to upgrade our DAT DDS2 tape drives to DDS4 (20/40 GB) drives in our
 many AlphaServer 800 systems (about 50 or so around the world) but I cannot
 find a certified and/or qualified drive that will work with the AS800.  Is
 there one that will work and
 be supported?  I need to have internally mounted drives at our remote
 locations.  I believe that this should work but I do not want to be told that
 it is a non-supported configuration if we have a problem.
3X-SD20X-LB     20/40-GB DAT Drive, Internal (AlphaServers only, Top Gun Blue)
32-bit Single Channel UltraWide HBA KZPBA-CA
I would like to get some sort of confirmation before I try this out.  If I
 could have found the answer on the website I would not have sent this message.
  But it seems that support for Alpha just isn't very import to Compaq.  They
 seem to only be really i
nterested in PCs.

The Answer is :

  Your OpenVMS version is no longer supported.
  The SD20X series tape drive is expected to operate in this
  configuration, assuming a supported version of OpenVMS is used.

answer written or last revised on ( 8-JUN-2001 )

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