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SMTP Mail Recipient Problems?

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The Question is:

I am using VMS-Mail in VMS version 7.1.
I am trying to send a RMS Sequential File to a customer's system.  The file
 contains data that will be processed automatically on my customer's system.
In VMS Mail I type the commands:
MAIL> SEND filename.ext
To:  SMTP%"e-mail@node_address.net"
Subject: <RETURN>
My customer's processing mailbox never receives my message.
If I substitute my customer contact's individual's mail address (that has the
 same node_address) they receive it.
If I send the message first to my Outlook mailbox and then forward it to the
 cutomer's processing mailbox it works.
The problem seems to be with the sequential files from VMS Mail.
Any information on this problem would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Frank Leverone

The Answer is :

  If you can get the message to a user on the target system, then this
  is not likely something the OpenVMS Wizard can help with -- there is
  no particular difference between two recipients on the same target
  node, as far as OpenVMS and TCP/IP Services are concerned.  If you
  can reach one, you should be able to reach the other.
  It would appear that you have a problem with the target mailbox,
  likely specifically with the application that processes the message
  received in the target mailbox or with any intervening mail gateway
  that receives and translates SMTP traffic destined for the target.
  (This assumes that the target mailbox and the target network do not
  filter IP traffic, SMTP traffic or otherwise based on recipient
  and/or sender address, but you will have to determine that with
  your customer.)
  Work with your customer to log what is read into the mailbox, either
  via the application or via added local or network SMTP logging.
  With OpenVMS V6.2 and later, you need not specify the "SMTP" prefix.

answer written or last revised on ( 11-JUN-2001 )

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