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Mixed operating systems in OpenVMS Galaxy?

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The Question is:

I heard that future OpenVMS Galaxy Instances might support mixed OS instances
 other than OpenVMS. For example one OpenVMS Galaxy running one instance of
 OpenVMS, one instance of True64 UNIX, and possibly one instance of Linux, or
 other combinations concur
rently. Is there any truth to this rumor?

The Answer is :

  OpenVMS operating within mixed operating system environments within
  hard partitions (nPars) is supported, and has been demonstrated at
  events as far back as 2001.
  OpenVMS Galaxy (vPars) is not supported for mixed operating system
  environments; all systems participating in an OpenVMS Galaxy (vPars)
  environment must be running OpenVMS, and must further be running
  compatible versions of OpenVMS.
  Note that this statement does differentiate nPars or hard partitions
  -- which does permit multiple heterogeoneous operating systems among
  hard partitions within the same enclosure  -- from OpenVMS Galaxy
  instances; from vPars or soft partitions.  It is possible to run
  vPars within nPars; to configure and run soft partitions within a
  hard partition.
  Though an OpenVMS instance has been demonstrated cooperating with a
  customized version of Linux within the same OpenVMS Galaxy (vPars)
  environment and was swapping processors, this capability is not
  presently supported.
  The capability to operate multiple heterogeneous operating systems
  within separate nPars hard partitions is supported and is available.

answer written or last revised on ( 19-JAN-2005 )

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