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Removing interface devices from TCP/IP Config?

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The Question is:

Once an IP address has been entered for a interface (WE0 for EWA0: for example)
 how can you disable TCPIP on that device? TCPIP$CONFIG lets you define the
 initial host name, IP , etc... and then change them, but I can't figure out
 how to remove them altog
ether.  We have a system with multiple ethernet devices and TCPIP has gotten
 defined on one device where it should not be. We use DECnet and LAT only on
 some ethernet segments.

The Answer is :

  The following TCPIP utility commands (or the equivilent UCX utility
  commands, on TCP/IP Services versions prior to V5.0) are typically
  used to remove a device from the TCP/IP Services configuration:
  Also see topic (6225).

answer written or last revised on ( 15-JUN-2001 )

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