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Lock Manager Dynamic Memory?

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The Question is:

Which sysgen parameter controls "Lock Manager Dynamic Memory"?

The Answer is :

  The bulk of the lock manager structures have been moved to S2 space.
  "...For OpenVMS Version 7.2, the lock manager software has been enhanced
  to improve the performance of applications that issue a large number of
  lock manager requests and to improve application scaling. These
  improvements pertain to single systems and to OpenVMS Cluster systems.
  "For OpenVMS Alpha, the changes include a new location for most of the
  lock manager data structures. These data structures now reside in S2
  space in a structure known as a Pool Zone. The SHOW MEMORY display has
  been modified to display attributes of the Pool Zone memory used by the
  lock manager. For more information, refer to the OpenVMS DCL Dictionary.
  Other than the process-level quotas for the lock activity and other the
  limits imposed by the available physical memory, there is no limit on
  the amount of memory that is available for the lock manager.

answer written or last revised on ( 15-JUN-2001 )

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