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DECmux/MUXserver Configuration?

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The Question is:

We are a national telecomminications office and we are using a VaxCluster
 network for our billing system.  I have 2 of my DecMux 300  wich doesn't work
 properlly. The problem is that. We've  many DecServers and DecMux and recently
 I add twoo new DecMux to
 the Network( one to replace an old one and the other for a new extension). The
 modem connection works correctly but when we switch on the DecMux, only one
 port works and the others doesn't. The error messages is  the following for
 the first MuxServer  "D
M 300-201-Connection rejeted-No unavalable channel" and "DM 300-2002-Connection
 to MuxServer Network not yet established" for the second one. On each of these
 Muxserver. the first Terminal connect properly to the Muxserver and the others
 received one of t
he error messages. Whatt can I do ? I need your help.
Best regards

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard is not particularly familiar with DECmux, DEMSA,
  DEMSB, DESNC, DECSA, DSRVA, DSRVB, DSRZC, or other hardware that is
  itself not running OpenVMS, and is accordingly not particularly able
  to provide answers for these widgets.
  The full text of the DECmux is likely:
    DM300 -201- Connection rejected - No available MUXserver channels
  This message is issued by the DECmux 300 if the MUXserver 300 reports
  that all 48 available user connections or all 16 available user
  connection for the MUXserver 310 series are reportedly in use.
  A SHOW SERVER STATUS command should be used to verify the state of
  the MUXserver.
  Please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center, as additional
  details on the DECmux configuration and DECmux software version will
  be required.
  The OpenVMS Wizard also expects that you realize that the DECmux 300
  series was retired in 1992.

answer written or last revised on ( 15-JUN-2001 )

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