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AUTHORIZE, identifiers, and NOTIDFMT Error?

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The Question is:

Under AUTHORIZE I want to grant User1 resource identifier rights to User2
by typine in :
... the error "%UAF-NOT-IDFMT, ID name parameter does not translate to
                         ID format"
... a subsequent
    Name                     Value                        Attributes
  User1              [000100,00011]          RESOURCE
  User 2             [000400,00010]
What am I encountering that will not permit Resource attribute grant to
User2 ?

The Answer is :

  You cannot grant a User Identification Code (UIC) value as an
  identifier, that is the value of the UIC that uniquely identifies
  specified user(s), and it cannot be assigned as a general identifier.
  You will typically not want to have multiple OpenVMS users sharing
  the same UIC value.
  You can use a UIC value in an ACL, but a general identifier is often
  far more useful and far more flexible -- this simply because you can
  assign a general identifier to multiple users, and would otherwise
  have to list a number of individual UICs in the ACL.
  To resolve what appears to be the task at hand, use the following
  AUTHORIZE commands to set up and grant a resource identifier:
    add/id userident
    %UAF-I-RDBADDMSG, identifier USERIDENT value %X80010004 added to rights database
    mod/id/attr=resource userident
    %UAF-I-RDBMDFYMSG, identifier USERIDENT modified
    grant/id/attr=resource userident system
    %UAF-I-GRANTMSG, identifier USERIDENT granted to SYSTEM
  From the HELP/MESSAGE text associated with the specific error:
 NOTIDFMT,  ID name parameter does not translate to ID format
  Facility:     UAF, Authorize Utility
  Explanation:  The identifier name that you specified does not translate to a
                corresponding value in general identifier format. Identifier
                name values translate to either general identifier format
                or UIC format. General identifier names may be 1 through 31
                alphanumeric characters and are stored with an integer value
                in the range of 32,768 to 268,435,455. General identifiers are
                created by the AUTHORIZE command ADD/IDENTIFIER.
                When the AUTHORIZE command GRANT/IDENTIFIER is used, the first
                identifier specified must be in general identifier format.
                In other words, a UIC-format identifier cannot be granted to
                another UIC-format identifier.
  User Action:  Determine why the identifier name is not a general ID. An
                identifier name and its corresponding value can be displayed
                with the AUTHORIZE command SHOW/IDENTIFIER. To change the
                value of an identifier name, use the AUTHORIZE command

answer written or last revised on ( 15-JUN-2001 )

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