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Using the Client-Server Debugger?

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The Question is:

I have read the Debugger manual section on using the PC debugger, but no where
 can I see where I specify my program to run in debug mode?
Many thanks

The Answer is :

  From the OpenVMS V7.3 debugger documentation on the client-server
11.5 Establishing a Server Connection
You can start the debug server after logging in directly to the OpenVMS
system, or you may find it more convenient to log in remotely with a
product such as eXcursion, or a terminal emulator such as Telnet.
  You must hold the DBG$ENABLE_SERVER identifier in the
  rights database to be able to run the debug server.
  Exercise care when using the debug server. Once a debug
  server is running, anyone on the network has the ability
  to connect to the debug server.
Before granting the DBG$ENABLE_SERVER identifier, the system manager must
create it by entering the command DEBUG/SERVER from an account with write
access to the rights database. The system manager needs to do this only
once. The system manager can then run the Authorize utility to grant the
DBG$ENABLE_SERVER identifier to the user.
To start the debug server, enter the following command:
The server displays its network binding strings. The server port number
is enclosed in square brackets ([]). For example:
 %DEBUG-I-WATCH: Network Binding: ncacn_ip_tcp:[1034]
 %DEBUG-I-WATCH: Network Binding: ncacn_dnet_nsp:19.10[RPC224002690001]
 %DEBUG-I-WATCH: Network Binding: ncadg_ip_udp:[1045]
 %DEBUG-I-AWAIT: Ready for client connection...
Use one of the network binding strings to identify this server when you
connect from the client (see Section 9.8.4).

answer written or last revised on ( 19-JUN-2001 )

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