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COM, Network Database (SQL, RTR) Access?

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The Question is:

Does the new COM v1.2 support applications written in Visual Basic?
We need to have a Windows 2000 client connect to a VMS 7.3 Alpha where we want
 our database to reside.
Is there a Sequel Server (SQL) database application for OpenVMS?
We currently have Oracle RDB and want to move to a SQL on VMS platform.
What other databases are available for OpenVMS 7.3 on an Alpha besides Oracle
Thank You,  Ian

The Answer is :

  The implementation of the COM client is not particularly relevent
  to the COM server.
  Please contact the database vendors for information on the availability
  of SQL server support.
  The Oracle Rdb database has had SQL, embedded SQL, and SQL server support
  for many years, and can be configured for remote access via a number of
  means (SQL, RTR, etc) -- please contact Oracle for information on Oracle
  Rdb, and please contact Compaq sales for information on RTR.
  As for other database access mechanisms (in addition to SQL and RTR) and
  database packages, please see existing ODBC and JDBC discussions in the
  OpenVMS FAQ, and please see the application catalog referenced in the
  OpenVMS FAQ.

answer written or last revised on ( 19-JUN-2001 )

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