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File CONVERT, Protect RMS Attributes?

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The Question is:

How can I convert an index rms (prolog 3)
file to a sequential/fixed file using the
CONVERT utility or the callable CONV$ routines?
I have tried several FDL's, but none of them
work (the new file will be created but no
records are copied).
I try to convert the indexed file to fixed or
sequential to add it to a MIME file using
SYS$SYSTEM:MIME.EXE (/ENCODE=base64), send this
file to another VMS site and convert the result
again to end up in a usable indexed file.
The only way I know to transfer rms indexed
files over MIME mail is using ZIP/UNZIP with
the "-V" option.

The Answer is :

  If your goal is to transfer files over an IP network (via SMTP mail,
  FTP, or otherwise), then zip, uuencode/uudecode and base64 encoding
  are among the typical approaches.  You can also use DECnet-Plus over
  IP, and completely avoid the need to convert the file to protect the
  RMS record attributes.
  CONVERT can be used to convert from any file organization into most
  any other file organization (using FDL), but CONVERT does not convert
  the data within a record.

answer written or last revised on ( 19-JUN-2001 )

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