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DECnet Tools, IP Network?

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The Question is:

I run UCX 3.3 on VMS 5.5-2
I am about to lose a transatlantic link to another bunch of Vaxes via DECnet
 (only IP will be supported).
Things I do via DECnet at the moment are
$ submit/remote
$ print
$ set host
Is there any (easy) way these can be done via IP?
I can get round set host by using telnet, but my poor little users will get
I was looking for a set host/IP but there isn't one....

The Answer is :

  All of these operations are possible using DECnet over IP, though
  you will need to upgrade your TCP/IP and OpenVMS and DECnet to
  make use of DECnet over IP -- your OpenVMS VAX, DECnet, and TCP/IP
  Services versions are all very old.
  DCL commands such as SET HOST/TELNET and COPY/FTP and similar are
  all available in OpenVMS V6.2 and later.
  Print queues can be set up remotely using LPR/LPD or the telnet
  symbiont.  See topic (1020) and the TCP/IP Services documentation
  for details.

answer written or last revised on ( 21-JUN-2001 )

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