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PATHWORKS Backwards Compatibility Mode?

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The Question is:

We use Pathworks 5.0F on an ALPHA system running VMS 7.1-2, with the backwards
 V4 compatibility mode enabled.
I want to upgrade the system with VMS 7.2-1. This implies to use Pathworks 6.0C
 or further.
Is the compatibility mode still supported ?

The Answer is :

  Short answer:
  No, PATHWORKS V6.0 does not support backwards-compatibility (BC) mode.
  That said, you will want to consider if you still require BC mode.
  BC mode was provided to allow for support of clients running the DIGITAL
  Basic Redirector.  The DIGITAL Basic Redirector was the default redirector
  in clients such as PATHWORKS V5 for DOS and Windows.  Clients that used
  the DIGITAL Basic Redirector have long since been retired, and are no
  longer supported.
  You only need BC mode until the following events have transpired:
    1. All clients have been upgraded to a veriosn that supports the
       enhanced redirector, and,
    2. All clients have logged in at least once, thus converting their V4
       OpenVMS credentials into a LanManager Account.
  For more information on BC mode, please refer to the Appendix of the
  PATHWORKS V5 for OpenVMS Server Administrators guide.

answer written or last revised on ( 16-JUL-2001 )

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