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System time misbehaviour, SSRVEXCEPT bugcheck?

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The Question is:

On an openvms Alphasystem vms version 7.1-2 the clocks seems to jump for
 several weeks, probably causing an error during the execution of a program:
SSRVEXCEPT, Unexpected system service
I include a part of the errorlog:
Logging OS                        1. OpenVMS
System Architecture               2. Alpha
OS version                           V7.1-2
Event sequence number         54312.
Timestamp of occurrence              11-JUN-2001 00:00:03
Time since reboot                    17 Day(s) 1:20:34
Host name                            SIROLD
System Model                         AlphaServer 1000 4/266
Entry type                       40. System Bugcheck
Bugcheck Minor class              2. System Bugcheck
Bugcheck Msg                         SSRVEXCEPT, Unexpected system service
Process ID                x00740051
Process Name                         BATCH_328
KSP                       x000000007FFA2000
ESP                       x000000007FFA5C18
SSP                       x000000007FFAC100
USP                       x000000007AFA57B0
R0                        x000000000000000C
R1                        x000000007FFA5E38
R2                        x0000000000000000
R3                        x000000007AFA5810
R4                        x0000000000000000
R5                        x0000000000000000
R6                        x0000000000000000
R7                        x000000007FFA5FC0
R8                        x0000000000000021
R9                        x000000007AFA57F0
R10                       xFFFFFFFF80E1D880
R11                       xFFFFFFFF80E19100
R12                       x0000000000000000
R13                       xFFFFFFFF80C48060
R14                       x0000000000000000
R15                       x00000000009FE092
R16                       x00000000000003C0
R17                       x000000007FFA5CC0
R18                       x0000000012016874
R19                       xFFFFFFFF80C05000
R20                       x0000000000000000
R21                       x0000000000000000
R22                       x0000000000000001
R23                       x000000007FFF03C8
R24                       x0000000000120168
R25                       x0000000000000000
R26                       xFFFFFFFF80C13488
R27                       xFFFFFFFF81EC1060
R28                       x00000000000005AC
FP                        x000000007FFA5C20
SP                        x6003000000000000
PC                        xFFFFFFFF81ED32D8
PS                        x0000000000000009
******************************** ENTRY 3182 ********************************
What could be the cause of this problem (hardware, software,..) and how can it
 be solved or avoided in the future ?

The Answer is :

  System bugchecks will generally write a system dump, and the contents
  of the dump file are usually necessary for diagnosing the underlying
  hardware or software problem.
  A system service exception indicates that an unhandled error has occured
  in privileged-mode code, an error such as an access violation.  Details
  of the specific error are written to the dump file.
  Without at least the CLUE CRASH output from the system dump and without
  details of the particular behaviour seen with the clock (forward, backward,
  intermittent, etc), a more specific answer is not possible.  Please first
  ensure you have mandatory ECO kits for OpenVMS V7.1-2 applied, please
  also ensure that any external timebase (DTS, NTP, etc) is operating
  correctly, and please then contact the Compaq Customer Support Center
  for further investigation and assistance.

answer written or last revised on ( 21-JUN-2001 )

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