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Device allocated to another user?

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The Question is:

How do I dismount a CD-ROM drive that say it's allocated to another user.  But
 when I do a deallocate, it says the CD-ROM is not allocated.
The commands I used were:

The Answer is :

  You need to find the owner process for the device and issue the
  DISMOUNT in that process context.   To find the owner PID:
    $ SHOW DEVICE/FULL ddcu:
  If the owner process no longer exists, please check for and apply
  all available mandatory ECO kits and then get in contact with the
  Compaq Customer Support Center -- details of the software and ECOs
  and hardware will be required,
  If the owner process exists, you can ask the user of that process
  to dismount and deallocate the device, or you can delete the target
  process -- deletion, of course, might corrupt whatever activity is
  occuring within the context of the target process and should be
  performed only with care and knowledge, but devices mounted by the
  target should be released upon successful process deletion.
  If the device was not deallocated when the process exited, then it
  would appear there was a controller (firmware) or an OpenVMS kernel
  error, or potentially to the "misuse" of the SHARE privilege.  The
  only fully supported mechanism to release a device that is owned by
  a non-existent process is a system reboot.

answer written or last revised on ( 21-JUN-2001 )

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