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Resetting Network LAN Counters?

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The Question is:

How do I reset the LAN counters?
I've V6.2 OpenVMS, DEC3600 Machine.
I want to reset LAN counters,
But I can't reset LAN counters
following the FAQ and your WIZARD.
Have any methods ?
Think you.

The Answer is :

  When posting questions to the OpenVMS Wizard, the posting rules
  indicate in part:
  "Please remember to include:
    o all pertinent product names and product version information.
    o the full text of all messages received.
    o the exact command(s) and utilities used."
  Without detailed information, problem identification and resolution
  can be difficult or impossible.
  The mechanism for clearing the counters listed in the OpenVMS FAQ
  is expected to work for controllers that permit this, but without
  details of the specific error messages, specific commands used,
  and the specific controllers involved, the OpenVMS Wizard has
  insufficient information to resolve the problem you are seeing
  and/or pass along a report of and a suggested update for any
  error(s) that might lurk in the OpenVMS FAQ.
  Please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center.

answer written or last revised on ( 22-JUN-2001 )

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