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ACCVIO error within BASIC Compiler?

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The Question is:

I am having a problem with the Basic Compiler as follows:
%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO, access violation, reason mask=04, virtual address=00156000, PC
=8048F00C, PS=0000001B
%TRACE-F-TRACEBACK, symbolic stack dump follows
 Image Name   Module Name     Routine Name    Line Number  rel PC      abs PC
                                                        0 8048F00C    8048F00C
 BASIC        GEM_OM_EOBJ_UTI PUT_LK_LIST            4068 00002DE0    0047D5D0
 BASIC        GEM_OM_EOBJ_UTI GEM_OM_WRITE_TI        2255 000013F0    0047BBE0
 BASIC        GEM_OM_EOBJ     GEM_OM_MODULE_F         520 00000198    00379768
 BASIC        GEM_CO          GEM_CO_COMPILE_        2718 00000C70    00281710
 BASIC                                                  0 00150EFC    00160EFC
 BASIC                                                  0 00150D2C    00160D2C
 BASIC                                                  0 00150368    00160368
 BASIC        GEM_CP_VMS      GEM_CP_MAIN            2387 00001580    0027A2F0
                                                        0 EE406170    EE406170
This problem is occurring on both machines in a cluster.  Both machines are
 AlphaServer 8400 5/625.  The version of BASIC is DEC BASIC V1.3-000 running on
 OpenVMS V6.2-1H3
Can you tell me what maybe causing this problem?

The Answer is :

  Please first try upgrading to and using BASIC V1.4, as that release
  is the current release (as of this writing, in June 2001).
  If that upgrade fails or if you are unable to upgrade, please then
  contact the Compaq Customer Support center, as details of the program
  that causes the compiler to encounter the access violation (ACCVIO)
  will be required.

answer written or last revised on ( 22-JUN-2001 )

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