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OpenVMS port to Intel Itanium?

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The Question is:

Well, I just saw the Compaq Death of Alpha news item today, but there's nothing
 on the OpenVMS website about it. So, it looks like there are two
possible alternatives:
A) You're going to do an Itanium port.
B) The deck is tilting, the boats are in the water, and the band is warming up.
Which one is it?

The Answer is :

  The planned Alpha systems will be produced, and will be supported by
  the OpenVMS Alpha operating system.  For the most current information
  on the various Alpha and Itanium microprocessors and on the systems
  based on these microprocessors, please visit the HP Server webpages,
  available via the Servers link found at the main webpage:
  OpenVMS is presently being ported to the Intel Itanium Processor Family,
  and the (initial) OpenVMS I64 V8.0 release was shipped during 2003 with
  information on other releases and plans available.  For additional
  information and for product roadmaps covering the Alpha and Itanium
  platforms (and particularly the OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS I64 software
  releases and the roadmaps), please visit the HP OpenVMS website:

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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