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OpenVMS ECO kit (BACKUP HDRCRC) errors?

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The Question is:

I downloaded a patch from the internet and I got the following error, please
 help I need this patch.
Thank you
Ginette Fournier
The following products will be processed:
  ALPACRT13_ V6.2
        Beginning installation of ALPACRT13_ V6.2 at 15:26
%VMSINSTAL-I-RESTORE, Restoring product save set A ...
%BACKUP-E-READERRS, excessive error rate reading
-BACKUP-E-HDRCRC, software header CRC error
%BACKUP-I-SPECIFY, specify option (QUIT or CONTINUE)
%BACKUP-F-ABORT, operator requested abort on fatal error
%VMSINSTAL-E-NOSAVESET, Save set  A  cannot be restored.
Enter the products to be processed from the next distribution volume set.
* Products:

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard has performed a FTP binary-mode transfer of the
  ALPACRT13_062.A-DCX_AXPEXE file onto the target OpenVMS system,
  then directly invoked the image to decompress the file into the
  ALPACRT13_062.A saveset, and has then successfully used the
  BACKUP/LIST ALPACRT13_062.A/SAVE command to check the saveset.
  The particular BACKUP saveset or the media underlying the saveset
  is apparently corrupted.
  Retry the download, reducing or eliminating storage of the kit on
  any intermediate systems, and ensuring that binary mode transfers
  are used, and ensuing that the decompression is performed on the
  target system.

answer written or last revised on ( 26-JUN-2001 )

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