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File searches, protections, privileges?

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The Question is:

f$search and insufficeint priviledge -
We are using f$search to process all the files in a given directory.  However,
 it returns the null string ("") if the process does not have suff. priv. to
 read the directory.  How can I determine whether the f$search worked and there
 are no more files ver
sus none were found because of the privs?  Thanks!

The Answer is :

  Ensure that the accessor has the necessary privileges and/or
  ensure that the user and the directory are set up with the
  necessary and matching rights identifiers and default-protection
  ACEs and/or the directory and the files are owned by a resource
  There is no particular difference from not having access to the
  files and not having the files -- in specific security environments,
  these two conditions can and often do have very deliberately similar

answer written or last revised on ( 26-JUN-2001 )

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