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DE500 NIC Autonegotiation Fails?

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The Question is:

I have an XP1000 on which I try to get Fast Ethernet to run.
System Information:
System Type    COMPAQ Professional Workstation
Cycle Time     1.5 nsec (666 MHz)
PAL Code       1.88-27
Console Vers   V5.9-1
D800   F4 EWA:    3 DE500-BA 100 mbit NI
I have applied: VMS721_UPDATE V3.0
At the boot prompt I have issued
>>>set ewa0_mode auto
I have also tried with mode=fast and mode=FastFD.
When OpenVMS is booted I always get:
%EWA0, Auto Sense mode set by console
%EWA0, Twisted-Pair (10BaseT) Ethernet connection selected.
I have tried to set the speed by using LANCP but that does not help. Currently
 I have:
LANCP> list dev ewa0/char
Device Characteristics, Permanent Database, for EWA0:
                  Value  Characteristic
                  -----  --------------
            TwistedPair  Line media type
                Enabled  Full duplex enable
                    100  Line speed
LANCP> show dev ewa0/char
Device Characteristics EWA0:
                  Value  Characteristic
                  -----  --------------
                   1500  Device buffer size
                 Normal  Controller mode
               External  Internal loopback mode
      08-00-2B-86-D6-11  Hardware LAN address
                         Multicast address list
                CSMA/CD  Communication medium
      FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF  Current LAN address
                     64  Minimum receive buffers
                    128  Maximum receive buffers
                    Yes  Full duplex enable
                    Yes  Full duplex operational
            TwistedPair  Line media type
                     10  Line speed (mbps)
Today I saw something similar in OpenVMS 7.3 patch VMS73_LAN-V0100. An extract:
"When using the Auto-Negotiate console  setting  on an XP1000 system,
 Auto-Negotiation is not done. Instead, after boot the device is in
 10mb/half-duplex mode."
Is this patch regarding the same problem that I have in OpenVMS 7.2-1?
If it is, can I expect a similar patch for OpenVMS 7.2-1?
Do I have any chance to configure the system to 100 mbit/sec anyhow?
Best Regards

The Answer is :

  You are clearly assuming that this is a problem with OpenVMS
  and not with the Ethernet switch involved.  This may or may
  not be a safe assumption.  You will want to confirm that the
  environment does correctly negotiate.
  Please search for the DE500 information in the OpenVMS FAQ.
  Please try explicitly setting the required operation mode.
  If you require an ECO kit that is not presently available and
  you have confirmed correct negotiation, please either upgrade
  to a release that has the support or please contact the Compaq
  Customer Support Center and request that a fix be made available.

answer written or last revised on ( 28-JUN-2001 )

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