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CLUSTER_CONFIG_LAN and missing LAN device?

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The Question is:

If I try to setup my OpenVMS/vax 6.2 MicroVAX II as a boot server I keep
 getting the following messages after I chose "3" in the "Change a node's
 characteristics" menu:
Enter choice [14]: 3
    Updating LANACP LAN server process volatile and permanent databases...
    ERROR: An error occurred changing the LAN adapters.
%LANCP-E-DEVNFND, Device not found in LAN device database, E
%LANCP-E-CMDERROR, Error executing command
%LANCP-E-DEVNFND, Device not found in LAN device database, F
%LANCP-E-CMDERROR, Error executing command
%LANCP-E-DEVNFND, Device not found in LAN device database, X
%LANCP-E-CMDERROR, Error executing command
What's this all about?
I didn't find the answer in the FAQ or in the ECO-Summary.
A good friend of mine has a MicroVAX II, too, and he keeps on having the same
Many thanks in advance,

The Answer is :

  If the OpenVMS Wizard were guessing, the guess would be that the Q-bus
  ethernet controller involved is not at the required CSR and interrupt
  vector address settings, or that the particular Ethernet controller
  involved (eg: the DEQNA) is not supported by the OpenVMS VAX version.
  Use the DCL command SHOW DEVICE XQ to determine the OpenVMS status of
  the Qbus Ethernet controller.  If the DELQA Q-bus controller is NOT
  visible, please see existing discussions of correctly (re)configuring
  the Q-bus -- discussions include topics (1149), (3232), and (5219) here
  in Ask The Wizard, and see the Q-bus discussions and pointers in the
  OpenVMS FAQ.
  If the XQ device does show as online and available, you could directly
  enter the necessary values at the LANCP prompt:
    SET NODE VAXSYS/ADDRESS=08-00-2B-11-22-33 -
                                 /FILE=NISCS_LOAD.EXE -
                                 /ROOT=$64$DIA14:<SYS10.> -
  Then you can run CLUSTER_CONFIG_LAN without enabling and configuring a
  boot server, as it is already enabled and configured.

answer written or last revised on ( 9-JUL-2001 )

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