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System and Application Optimization?

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The Question is:

i have an application written in OpenVMS system. i feel its using too much of
 resources. i am using the following as a part of my application :
a. Posix Threads
b. MQ Series.
c. Oracle RDB
d. RMS file system.
My code is written in C. I think it is consuming lot of memory resources. My
 application needs run continuously(nearly for 10-12 hrs a day). my doubt is
 whether the use of posix threads or any one of the above is causing the
 program to utilize such a huge
 resources. i used "monitor" utility to see the progress. i can see that the
 application is taking lots of CPU time and memory. now i have checked and
 revised my code. nothing can be done to optimise it anymore. is there anyway
 in OpenVMS to optimise this
 system usage?
Thanks in advance for the immediete response.

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard is unaware of any non-trivial code -- be it in an
  application, a layered product, or in OpenVMS itself -- where "nothing
  can be done to optimise it anymore."  Key to optimizing is determining
  where the time or memory or resources -- the target -- are being spent.
  Without far more information on current application activity, on the
  activity of the very large and complex constituent tools, on the OpenVMS
  system activity, and on the application design and application activity,
  the OpenVMS Wizard cannot not hazard a guess as to the cause.
  You will want to run a tool (such as PCA; part of DECset package) to
  profile the application activity, and you will want to use any tools
  that might be available for MQ Series and/or Oracle Rdb to profile
  activity relevent to those tools.

answer written or last revised on ( 9-JUL-2001 )

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