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Network COPY, processing (closed) files?

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The Question is:

I am planning to forward a file that is being copied into a directory to which
 I have access.  My forwarding job will run periodically.  How do I ensure that
 I am not forwarding (i.e. copying via COPY) a file that is in the process of
 being received?

The Answer is :

  The FTSO package would be one approach.  Capturing and processing the
  file lock error would be another, and such error handling is generally
  recommended regardless of other steps taken.  Using a transfer that
  renames the arriving file after it has completed the transfer would
  be a third.  Using a stub file or another notification mechanism from
  the remote node, after the completion of the transfer, would be another
  obvious option.  Or, of course, you could have the local node pull the
  file via FTP (directly, via http, or otherwise).
  Using FTP to transfer the file to a temporary name and then have FTP
  do a rename after it completes will remove most of the access contention
  issues, and guarantee that you will not inadvertantly process an incomplete
  file resulting from a problem with the FTP transfer.
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answer written or last revised on ( 11-JUL-2001 )

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