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Third-party hardware? (Canon printer)

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The Question is:

Implementation & version of TCP/IP is 5.01A, ECO #2.  The following Banner page
 is generated when printing from VISTA [A MUMPS app].
LPR Banner Page
Document:  ENG3
Server:  iR-400
Time:  05/15/01 13:03:40
Pages requested:  0
Page Size:  11x17
We typically suppress the page by telnetting to the HP printers to turn off.
 The Canon ImageRUNNER 400 [digital multifunction printer/copier/fax/scanner,
 IP printing] does not support telnetting, therefore we are unable to Suppress
 the page.  It has been
 determined that the page may need to be suppressed in the application.  Any

The Answer is :

  Please contact the printer vendor or please contact Canon for assistance
  and information concerning configuring and operating this Canon printer.
  (The OpenVMS Wizard is entirely unfamiliar with this particular
  third-party printer, much less with its management and configuration.)
  For information on basic IP printing using TCP/IP Services, please
  see the available documentation, and please see topic (1020) here
  in the Ask The Wizard area for other IP printing discussions.  For
  DCPS configuration and operation, please see the DCPS (DECprint)
  Various Canon printers -- including specific members of the Canon
  imageRUNNER series printers -- are supported via the DCPS package.

answer written or last revised on ( 10-JUL-2001 )

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