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KZCCA UltraSCSI controller support for NIC?

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The Question is:

The DS-KZCAA-CB SCSI controller for a VAX 4000-705A has a onboard 10/100
 Ethernet connection.
This is not documented in quickspecs. The only mention of this capability is on
 page 40 of the user/installation document (EK-KZMCA-IN. V01).
Is this 10/100 ethernet fully supported for VAX VMS as a network interface
 (TCP/IP, Decnet, LAT)? It does mention that it can be used as a Cluster
Any information that can clarify this will be appreciated.

The Answer is :

  Assuming you meant the KZCCA, the KZCCA network hardware is latent and
  is not supported by OpenVMS.  Only storage access is available via this

answer written or last revised on ( 1-AUG-2001 )

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