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IP Default Gateway and Routing?

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The Question is:

We currently are having issues on two of our AlphaServer DS10.  We do not see
 this issue with our ES40 servers though.  All servers are running OpenVMS
 7.2-1 with TCPIP V5.0-10 with additional ECO: TCPIP_ECO V5.0-111.
When we do a "TCPIP Show route" we see the following:
The server's Default gateway should be, but the "DN" is
 taking presedence.  We change this by the folowing:
TCPIP Set noroute /noconfirm
TCPIP Set route /gate= /perm
TCPIP Set route /def /gate= /perm
( is our preferred with as our backup).
We then reboot to apply the permantent changes but when the system comes back
 up, these are no loger present.  i.e. we are back to our previous config:
To get around this I have placed in a .COM file during startup to remove the address and to add back in our gateways.  I set this without the perm
 to activate the changes straight away.  I do not really want to rely on this

The Answer is :

  There is insufficient information available here.  Use the following
  sequence to acquire the routing tables:
    $ netstat -rn
  Determine which routing mechanism is in use (eg: GATED, etc) and then
  determine if that is correct for your network.  Also determine the
  local host and DNS configuration, and check that against the local
  network requirements.
  Please move to TCP/IP Services V5.1, or to the current ECO for V5.0A.
  Please then contact the Compaq Customer Support Center.

answer written or last revised on ( 13-JUL-2001 )

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