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Mounting disks in a cluster? (MntVerifyTimeout)

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The Question is:

The Perennial Mounted/Dismounted disk problem!
   (This is such a common problem in LAVC, I was sure I would find it in
    the FAQ, but no such luck??)
In a LAVC after a satellite is rebooted, a batch job on different host than the
rebooted satellite causes the remote disk to MntVerifyTimeout and becomes
Mounted/Dismounted - all attempts to either dismount or mount the remote device
 return a device is already [dis]mounted message.
What action apart from rebooting the host where the batch job was referencing
 the remote disk can be performed to bring the volume that is once more
 accessable into a mounted state.

The Answer is :

  What you are describing appears to be a bug, or some sort of local
  configuration error -- there is unfortunately insufficient detail
  on the problem and on the local batch environment included here for
  a more specific answer.
  Please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center for assistance in
  resolving this situation.
  The usual approach for mounting disks within a cluster environment
  is via local customizations to the provided SYS$EXAMPLES:MSCPMOUNT.COM
  DCL command procedure.
  Related topics include (940), (1724), (4958)
  As for normal processing, if a batch job requires a specific disk, it
  can express this interest via a MOUNT command -- this MOUNT will succeed
  in parallel to the more typical shared MOUNT (MOUNT/GROUP, MOUNT/SYSTEM,
  MOUNT/CLUSTER) used to make the target disk generally accessable, and
  will keep the disk mounted for the duration of the batch process when
  an operator (attempts to) manually dismount the target disk.

answer written or last revised on ( 16-JUL-2001 )

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