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The lull after the network packet storm?

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The Question is:

Hi Good day!
We had purchased an Alpha Server ES40 last year with NIC DE602-AA. We had
 observed that every time our Local Area Network experienced an excessive
 network traffic/broadcast the Alpha server can't access via TCP/IP and DECnet
 unless we reboot the server. C
urrently the OS installed is OpenVMS 7.1-2 and  UCX V4.2.
What  would be the possible solution for this problem?
Your help will be very much appreciated.
Note: we already applied the patch dec-axpvms-vms-712_update-v0300-4.pcsi

The Answer is :

  Please apply ALL mandatory updates for OpenVMS, and seriously consider
  upgrading to the current (and supported) version of TCP/IP Services.
  Check the negotiation setting via LANCP and via the console.
  Check the switch.
  Check the network segment traffic.
  (The ECO search engine referenced in the OpenVMS FAQ can select all
  ECO kits by installation rating, providing you with a list of kits
  to install.  Customers with support contracts can acquire articles
  with lists of ECO kits from the support database.)
  Please contact Compaq Customer Support for additional assistance.  Some
  specific details of the system and network configuration, of the network
  packet storm, and of the state of the system after the packet storm will
  be required.  This in addition to information on the ECO kits installed.
  (Please be forewarned: the support center will likely also request that
  all of the the current mandatory and all of the relevent optional OpenVMS
  ECO kits be applied to this system.)

answer written or last revised on ( 16-JUL-2001 )

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