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$setuai and uai$v_pwd_expired flag?

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The Question is:

OpenVMS v7.2-1
I'm trying to modify a password program that ran under OpenVMS 7.1 on a VAX.
 The program is written in C and the problem I'm having is after I change the
 password and write it back to the UAF the user doesn't get the prompt to
 change the password.
How do I flag the password expiration bit?
The C program can be sent to upon request.
-Dan Guarine-

The Answer is :

  You probaby have a zero lurking in the password lifetime field, as
  this effectively disables the expired-password processing.
  Without viewing the source code involved, no more specific answer
  is available.

answer written or last revised on ( 17-JUL-2001 )

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