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Configuring DECwindows?

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The Question is:

  dear sir..
  i have an alpha server 4100 with OpenVMS  V7.2-1 installed..
and a dw-motif V 1.2-5, i registered and loaded
the required license.. but the windowing doesnt
work... and all the time an error on OPA0:
(error modifying OPA0:)
(unknown terminal type) device always appears..and i can't edit any
from the main monitor.. the command
$set term/inquir does not response..
the monitor type is COMPAQ V70
thanks alot for your cooperation

The Answer is :

  The Alpha console environment is very primitive and (at best) some of
  the available systems can emulate a VT52-series terminal.  The workstation
  requires the windowing system and the graphics controller to drive the
  displays and for tasks such as an emulation of a terminal display -- in
  the vast majority of cases, the interpretation of and the processing of
  character data is a task that is performed by host software.
  The (incomplete) listings of the errors seen would tend to indicate
  something in a login procedure or an interactive command or such, and
  not something in DECwindows itself.
  Now that you have the necessary licenses installed, log off the console
  and start up DECwindows.  (If you cannot, then -- since you have already
  inserted the DECwindows startup into the system startup and since you
  have already set the WINDOW_SYSTEM parameter per the FAQ, you can shut
  down and reboot the system.)
  The configuration and use of a standard serial terminal or a terminal
  emulator as a serial console can be advantageous -- details on setting
  up a serial console are included in the FAQ.  This approach bypasses
  the rather limited and primitive environment of the console and the
  workstation graphics controller.
  The graphics monitor itself is irrelevent to the discussion of the
  display capabilities, the capabilities are dictated by the graphics
  controller and the host software.  The graphics monitor itself -- unlike
  a traditional serial terminal or a terminal emulator -- imparts no
  intelligence and no capabilities beyond the simple ability to display
  the signals generated by and received from the graphics controller.
  The graphics controller and the host are thus the key components.
  (The FAQ has a tangentally related discussion, on matching the graphics
  controller signaling with the graphics monitor.)
  Details of installing and configuring DECwindows are included in the
  DECwindows documentation set.  This documentation -- including the
  DECwindows installation guide -- is available at the OpenVMS
  documentation website.

answer written or last revised on ( 18-JUL-2001 )

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