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CMS on network NFS or DECdfs storage?

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The Question is:

I've got CMS 4.1-1 and TCPIP ECO 3 installed on my XP900.  I want to access CMS
 libraries that are NFS served by a Unix server.  So far, no luck.  Does CMS
 support access to NFS served CMS libraries?  The NFS client software works
 like a champ but seems t
o have a problem when it comes to accessing CMS libraries...specifically:
PESSCM >> cms set lib [.jeb]
%CMS-S-LIBSET, library set
PESSCM >> cms sh lib
Your CMS library list consists of:
PESSCM >> cms sh hist
History of CMS Library PES_DATA:[PESCM.JEB]
 18-JUL-2001 09:29:32 PESSCM CREATE ELEMENT XL2IP_AXP.C "test"
PESSCM >> cms fetch XL2IP_AXP.C "test"
%CMS-F-BADLIB, there is something wrong with your library
-CMS-F-ILLCONREC, illegal control record in element file
PESSCM >> sh log pes_data

The Answer is :

  This is not supported, not recommended, and does not work -- CMS
  expects the library to reside on local or cluster-served storage.
  With DECdfs, write-sharing of files is explicitly prohibited and
  thus CMS access is somewhat restricted but is reliable.  With NFS,
  no such write-sharing prohibition exists, and corruptions can ensue.

answer written or last revised on ( 18-JUL-2001 )

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