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OpenVMS VAX to OpenVMS Alpha upgrade?

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The Question is:

I want to upgrade a 5.* cluster to 7.3 and inrtoduce a two HSG80 Raid to
 replace the SW300-RAID any tips

The Answer is :

  The reference to "5.*" implies the use of OpenVMS VAX systems, so
  this is both a software and a hardware upgrade.
  The OpenVMS Wizard would encourage reading the new features and the
  release notes for intervening OpenVMS versions, as well as reading
  the documentation associated with the new Alpha hardware.
  If you were to upgrade your existing systems to a rather more recent
  version of OpenVMS VAX, you could then cluster with the new OpenVMS
  Alpha systems.  This approach can potentially make the migration from
  VAX to Alpha rather easier -- you can share access to the same disks,
  use the same usernames and passwords, etc.
  You will also want to look at the documentation specific to moving
  from a VAX system to an Alpha system in the archived portion of the
  OpenVMS documentation set at:
  And among other manuals, specifically at the following:
    Migrating an Application from OpenVMS VAX to OpenVMS Alpha
    Migrating to an OpenVMS Alpha System: Planning for Migration
    Migrating to an OpenVMS Alpha System: Recompiling and Relinking Applications

answer written or last revised on ( 23-JUL-2001 )

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