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Duplicate files in directory? (searchlist)

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The Question is:

When using DIR command in SYS$SYSROOT:[SYSMGR]
I see the same version of the same file twice
like this:
I tried ANALYZE /DISK/REPAIR but it didn't help
How can I repair this?

The Answer is :

  This behaviour is most often caused by normal and expected (though
  obviously disconcerting, when first observed) behaviour of OpenVMS,
  specifically that the DCL command(s) used and/or the local default
  directory causes multiple matches -- the use of lists of files and/or
  searchlist logical names in the command or the default.  This is known
  as "stickiness", and this behaviour is documented and intentional.
  Other potential causes include creative misuse of alias entries, and
  directory or cache corruptions -- the latter corruptions have been seen
  caused by disk defragmentation tools and by the occasional OpenVMS bug.
  Please apply the mandatory ECO kits for OpenVMS and for any disk
  defragmentation tool in use, then -- if the behaviour persists --
  please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center.
  Expect to be asked for the exact DCL command(s) used, the current
  default directory, the relevent logical name translations, the
  specifics of any local use of any disk defragmentation tools, the
  particular storage hardware involved, abd any commonalty across the
  duplicate(d) file names. Other similarly detailed information may
  also be required.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-AUG-2001 )

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