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OpenVMS VAX upgrades, conversational boot?

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The Question is:

How do you do a min boot on a vax 6330 5-5.2
and is there a way to upgrade a boot disk with vmsinstal if it is not the
 active boot drive

The Answer is :

  To perform a conversational bootstrap, you will need to modify your
  normal system boot command.  Specifically, you will need to set the
  lowest bit into the contents loaded into register R5.  The exact boot
  command will vary by platform, and the OpenVMS VAX installation and
  upgrade manual has details of the various commands.
  For a full list of the R5 options available on the boot command and
  a brief description of conversational bootstraps (in the context of
  a forgotten system password), please see the OpenVMS FAQ.
  If you boot your VAX 6000 series system from system root SYSx, then
  the conversational boot command would look like this:
  BOOT /R5:x0000001 /XMI:a  /BI:b  [/R3:c]  [/NODE:d]  DUu
         x is the target system root on the system disk.
         a is the XMI node number of the system disk.
         b is the VAXBI node number of the system disk.
         c pertains to volume shadowing. This qualifier is
           not required unless you are using volume shadowing.
           For more information, refer to the Volume Shadowing
           for OpenVMS manual.
         d is the HSC node number of the node being accessed.
           The /NODE qualifier is not necessary if you are booting
           from a local disk.  The HSC node number is in hexadecimal.
           You can deposit a maximum of two HSC node numbers (if two
           HSCs are available).
         u is the unit number of the drive holding the system disk.
  No.  OpenVMS VAX expects to upgrade the running operating system.

answer written or last revised on ( 26-JUL-2001 )

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