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Resolving License PAK Problems?

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The Question is:

We're clustering two stand-alone Alpha 1000a systems together using LAVC.  Upon
 completing the cluster config process and rebooting the systems there is an
 indication that there is no active license for clustering, the nodes do not
 cluster transition and
logins are only permitted from the console.  Turning Clustering off in SYSGEN
 returns the system status back to "normal" pre-clustering attempt conditions.
The following license paks are available on both nodes.  I recall something to
 do with increasing the number of UNITS in the license some years ago when
 configuring a similar situation and perhaps associating the license with a
 particular node.  Any clari
ficaiton or help is greatly appreciated.
Tigger$ sho lic *cluster*
Active licenses on node TIGGER:
------- Product ID --------    ---- Rating ----- -- Version --
Product            Producer    Units Avail Activ Version Release    Termination
VAXCLUSTER         DEC             0  0     100    0.0  (none)      30-JUL-2002
VAXCLUSTER-CONSOLE DEC             0  0     100    0.0  (none)      30-JUL-2002
VMSCLUSTER         DEC             0  0     100    0.0  (none)      30-JUL-2002

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS FAQ section on resolving license PAK problems will be
  of interest.  In particular, you will want to use a common license
  database, or you will want to have each license entered into each
  license database present and each with an appropriate and consistent
  /INCLUDE specification.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-AUG-2001 )

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